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 Top Four and the Fire goddess.

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PostSubject: Top Four and the Fire goddess.   Mon Feb 11, 2008 2:24 pm

Okay, heres the main idea.

The top Four was created to protect the world from strong demons who always roamed around. It has Four members who's purpose is to protect the weak. The leader, the Fire goddess Hino, is full of secrets and mysterious power, yet, she is all cheerful and a bit stupid. Because of this, people hardly ever take her seriously. All of the members of the Top four are really close to being gods, yet STILL there seem to be people who can be stronger than them. Thats why the Top four stays together, fighting for the good of all people.

The members:

Hino the Fire Goddess

Nero the Devil Hunter

(Will add more later)
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Top Four and the Fire goddess.
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