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 Training(Shikyo first then others)

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Training(Shikyo first then others) Empty
PostSubject: Training(Shikyo first then others)   Training(Shikyo first then others) Icon_minitimeThu Feb 14, 2008 11:01 pm

It was the planet earth and one could see a tall regal man with long purple hair and a long mustache and beard of the same color was in a meadow that had tall grass that were light green in color and when ever a wind would blow the meadow would look like a sea of green. The man was hovering over the ground with his arms hidden in his cloak but soon two small wooden logs with strange symbols on them went flying toward him, the man then formed two lighthawk wings and combined them into one sword and knocked both of the logs away with the blade. The logs then went back toward him and soon he was in a training battle with the logs as he duck and weaved under and around the logs striking them when ever he got the chance.
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Training(Shikyo first then others)
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