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Here you can create any anime or game char. There is an admin group called the top four, so don't mess with them ^^
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 Rules. Read please.

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Rules. Read please. Empty
PostSubject: Rules. Read please.   Rules. Read please. Icon_minitimeMon Feb 11, 2008 1:00 pm

1. No godmodding.
Don't even ask why. You know that overpowering ain't fun. If we see you over powering, you'll be banned for three days.

Please try to keep it at minimum, and stop it when an admin tells you to.

Okay, your char can curse, but please make it like f***k or s**t so that no one gets offended.

Watch it guys. There might be people who are younger than you on the site. Plus i don't want the site deleted, so please, try to behave.

5.Rule for Admins and Mods.
I do NOT want to see the situation where an admin/Mod uses his/her power for personal reasons, like when some user pisses the admin/Mod off. You cannot do anything as long as the user doesn't break the rules.

Try to be nice and behave okay? Don't offend anyone, specially an admin or a mod. They are here to make your life easier so the least you can do is be nice. Also, don't be mean to a fellow user. If you must fight, do it in pm, we don't want to see it.
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Rules. Read please.
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