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 Weapon Rules and Template

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Carrier of the Blood of Sparda
Carrier of the Blood of Sparda

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PostSubject: Weapon Rules and Template   Mon Feb 11, 2008 1:36 pm


Name: (the name of the weapon)

Class: (what type of weapon is it? Bow, sword, gun, spear etc etc)

Description: (what does it look like?)

Abilities/Spell: (does it have any abilitie? if so, what are they?)

History: (what has happened to it? how did you get it?)


Less than 100 posts: 2 Weapons
More than 350 posts: 3 weapons
More than 700 posts: 4 weapons
More than 1250 posts: 5 weapons
More than 2000 posts: 6 weapons
More than 3000 posts: 7 weapons
More than 4200 posts: 8 weapons
More than 5450 posts: 9 weapons
More than 6500 posts: 10 Weapons
More than 8000 posts: 11 Weapons
More than 10000 posts: 12 weapons

Ok, now thats done...

Dual Wielding
To dual Wield, you must have 500 posts and pm me, Nero, i will judge your rp skills, also if you have been in trouble with a Mod or Admin before, unless you have redeemed yourself, no dual

Dual Wield List
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Weapon Rules and Template
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