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 Forms Rules and Template

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Carrier of the Blood of Sparda
Carrier of the Blood of Sparda

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PostSubject: Forms Rules and Template   Sat Feb 16, 2008 7:39 am

Form Rules

No godmodding...This is making a Form that is invincible and/or unbeatable...


50 or lower posts: 1 form
150 or higher posts: 2 forms
300 or higher posts: 3 forms
600 or higher posts: 4 forms
1000 or higher posts: 5 forms
1500 or higher posts: 6 forms
2500 or higher posts: 7 forms
4000 or higher posts: 8 forms
5000 or higher posts: 9 forms
6000 or higher posts: 10 forms
7000 or higher posts: 11 forms
10000 or higher posts: 12 forms (UBER UBER DAMAGE 1337NESS FTW!)


Name: (the name of the Form)

Description: (What does yuor transformation look like?)

Effect: (What can your transformation do? what abilities does it have?)

History: (how did you acquire this form? How have you used it in the past?)

Picture: (Any pictures of your transformation? put 'em here)
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Forms Rules and Template
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