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PostSubject: Mei   Wed Feb 13, 2008 12:25 pm

Name: Mei

Age: 16 or something like it.

Gender: Female

Race: A weird kind of mix of human, demon and dragon.

Job: Dragonmaster

Family: None(See history)

Personality: Mei is not exactly an angel. Okay nothing like it. She acts like a guy sometimes and hates to be treated as a just a woman. Anyone who does, is a fool since she could kick any mans ass. Mei is kinda rough, mean and ready for fight. She hardly ever shows her soft side and many doubt she has one.

Likes: Her Dragon friend Shiroi and... Feathers. Plus swords, cars, fighting and breaking stuff.

Dislikes: Weaklings and idiots who treated her as a mere weak woman.

Main weapon: A huge hammer that she summons.

Items: Nothing really, except an old photo of her 'mother'. A dragon who raised her. (Hint: Touch the photo and die)

Element: Wind and metal

Mei was not born in a normal way. She was born in an impact of three powerful people, who attacked each other at the same time and had their powers melted together. This was how Mei was born. Even though she has the body of a woman, she packs a mean punch. She was raised by a dragon who's name she no longer remembers. Not even the dragons real child, Shiroi remembers the name of that gentle and soft Dragonmother. Mei first started by beating up small time Demons, but as she got more age, she left the dragonmountain with Shiroi to hunt more powerful demons. After that, the two of them have been hunting demons.


Shiori in his human mode.
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Carrier of the Blood of Sparda
Carrier of the Blood of Sparda

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PostSubject: Re: Mei   Wed Feb 13, 2008 12:29 pm

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