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 Red Queen and Demon Arm

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Carrier of the Blood of Sparda
Carrier of the Blood of Sparda

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PostSubject: Red Queen and Demon Arm   Mon Feb 11, 2008 3:04 pm

Name: Devil Bringer
Class: Arm
Look: Nero has a large demonic Arm, that can shift between elements for his attack's, The Hand is overall red, but the Stripe and Claw/finger things are different colours depending on wich Element is currently being used.
Abilities/Spell's: Nero's Demonic arm can Switch between the elements of Fire, Ice, Earth, and Light, and does different element Damage depending on selected element, Nero's Demonic arm is extremely strong and it's main ability is the ability to create another, Spectre hand that is huge, it is literally a copy of the oroiginal, but it's big...
History: The Devil Bringer is the "weapon" the takes the form of Nero's right arm. It's origins remain a mystery but it bestows upon Nero incredible power, including the ability to bend space and time to pull himself across distances instantly and pull enemies to Nero. It also gives him incredible strength, as he is able to stop Berial's (who is more than ten-times Nero's size) sword strike with his human arm. The story seems to focus some attention on the Devil Bringer, it's powers, and it's origins. It also seems to disturb Kyrie, the main female lead in DMC4, that Nero possesses the Devil Bringer, possibly because it is obviously of demonic origin, but after saving her from Sanctus, she comes to understand Nero and accept his arm.

Name: The Red Queen
Class: Sword
Look: A blade developed by the Order of the Sword. Nero customized it heavily to suit his needs
Abilities/Spell's: The Red Queen is capable of "Exceed", which is where it can Rev up to increase it's attack power, it can Rev 3 times to go up a level, for a max of 9 rev's.

Level 1: A minor flame is lite by the blade, and does minor fire damge

Level 2: A larger flame is lite by the blade, adding Mediocore fire damage to the blade's attacks.

Level 3: The Sword makes a flame-thrower effect when it swings, sending flames out in bursts of magma hot streams...
History: The Red Queen is a specialty weapon designed by the Order of the Sword. Its handle resembles a motorcycle accelerator, twisting the Red Queen's grip releases a powerful propellant along the edge of the sword. The explosive force of this propellant can turn even the weakest person into an agent of destruction.However, this power has been seen as a upgrade due to modifications conducted by Nero, making it impossible for the untrained to handle.
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Ulquiorra Schiffer
Ulquiorra Schiffer

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PostSubject: Re: Red Queen and Demon Arm   Tue Feb 12, 2008 9:25 am

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Red Queen and Demon Arm
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